This week’s musings: Quantum Mechanics and Consciousness

Quantum mechanics is interested in studying physical phenomena occurring at microscopic levels.

Greetings everyone!

How has your week been? I hope it’s been fantastic, enlightening, and positive overall. Along my personal development journey I’ve been exploring quantum mechanics (of all things), and am mainly interested in this topic as it relates to the reality of things, personal development, and how we can all help others help themselves. Ultimately, that’s all I’m really interested in when I investigate these different scientific ideas. I’m interested in how scientific findings can help us navigate through our everyday lives, coupled with our spiritual practices, professional pursuits, or whatever else strikes our fancies. I’m interested in exploring new ideas that help people get where they want to go in life. So it seems that my interests and my curiosity have led me here to the unknown, for real! Please come along with me on this adventure, and all I ask is that you bring with you an open mind willing to be stretched…

Quantum Mechanics and Consciousness

 Now, growing up I never had an interest in science whatsoever. Dissecting animals didn’t seem intriguing to me, nor did watching gases rises from Bunsen burners or knowing how to read and memorize the periodic table. However, I have taken a liking to quantum mechanics as it relates to understanding matter in a new way, an understanding that strays away from likening matter to a tangible substance to likening it to consciousness. This has wonderful implications, in my humble opinion. It suggests that there is more to this universe than our material world, at present, has led us to believe, and this “more” is evident in even the tiniest, elemental particles.

What is quantum mechanics? You ask. Well, it’s a branch of science that is interested in investigating physical phenomena (energy, matter) within the universe on a very, very, microscopic scale. “Quantum” means the amount of, and mechanics in this field of study refer to understanding the behavior of very small quantities of energy and matter. Because energy and matter comprise everything within our universe, it seems like a good idea to get to know how these things work in some respect, along with developing a working knowledge of other things that quantum mechanics may inform such as philosophy, spirituality, religion, psychology, the occult, etc.

I found a video that describes quantum mechanics and consciousness that I’m still studying because it’s important for me to really understand what’s being discussed.  I’ll share that video in just a moment. However, one idea that stands out to me is this idea that substance is not matter, or material/tangible, but that substance on a quantum level is actually consciousness. Now, what is consciousness? You may ask. It’s one of those things that we know exists from our own self-reflective processes and cognitive and even energetic experiences with others, but do we really know how to define consciousness? I think it’s safe to say that we can’t “touch” consciousness with our bare hands. Well anyway, here are a few definitions for consciousness that I’ve found:

TheFreeDictionary.Com: a sense [emphasis added] of one’s personal or collective identity, including the attitudes, beliefs, and sensitivities held by or considered characteristic of an individual or group

MerriamWebster.Com: the quality or state of being aware especially of something within oneself

OxfordDictionaries.Com: a person’s awareness or perception of something

From these definitions I get that consciousness is sensed, that it’s an awareness of sorts. Now, here’s a quote from the video The Illusion of Reality (video located below the quote) that caused me to ponder why it even matters if substance on a quantum level is consciousness and not material:

 “Quantum physics has revealed what ancient masters knew: matter does not exist. The concept of substance arose from the philosophy of Aristotle, and from that concept came science’s conception of matter. The fact of the matter is that the substance of the universe is consciousness. Belief that the substance of the universe is matter leads to what I call a “fear-grade dichotomy,” as people in their quiet desperation attempt to accumulate as many material possessions and riches as possible. In fact, the substance of the universe is consciousness; therefore it is behavior that is important.”

Here’s the video:


 One last tidbit: quantum mechanics also has this concept of “The Observer” (I don’t believe caps were necessary for that title, but for my Fringe fans I chose to capitalize based on the characters in this show) as the observer relates to the behavior of particles within the universe. David Mazza at Nasa.Gov explains that “in quantum mechanics, the observer and the system being observed became mysteriously linked so that the results of any observation seemed to be determined in part by actual choices made by the observer.” In other words, the observer in a study of quantum mechanics influences the way that particles will behave, so that different observers cause quantum particles to behave in different ways based on their unique interactions with and expectations of these particles. Hmm…


So, here’s what I gather after watching many videos on this matter (no pun intended), reading articles, and creating this blog post: there is a direct correlation between me and everything else within this universe. The suggestion is that everything in the universe on the sub-atomic level is composed of “consciousness,” energy and information that are all connected in a larger vastness of energy and information. The level of energy and consciousness (or awareness) that I bring to an interaction between anything within this universe of energy and consciousness will directly impact my experience within this interaction. If I believe that interactions with things within this universe are going to suck, then they will. If I believe that I will be in awe and amazed by the interactions I have with all of life’s forms on any given day, then I will. That’s just my interpretation…

I have an influence on the things in which I choose to participate and with which I interact in my world, which ultimately create my reality (worldview, life experience). The idea of “me” doesn’t have to be permanent, either: if my behavior towards a “thing” or interaction with a “thing” is one way in 1999, it doesn’t have to be that way with the same thing in 2012. As I change, so will my interactions, I imagine. But one thing seems very, very clear to me: I make a significant contribution to the experiences that I have with other things within my environment.

So what does it all suggest?  Well, first I learned that scientists have now realized that the brain is stretchy, and that you can change yourself into whatever or whomever you want to be, provided that you’re dedicated to your cause and willing to do the work. Now I’m learning that on a scientific, subatomic level, everything in the universe is directly impacted by its interaction with everything else in the universe. This suggests that my thoughts are important as these influence my behavior, and the way I treat others directly impacts me in some way. Isn’t this what ancient philosophers, sages, spiritual teachers like Buddha and Jesus Christ, artists, and other humanistic contributors been telling us for centuries?

The Illusion of Reality video also touches on other ideas, too, mainly the idea that consciousness cannot be divided, that is the universal consciousness that is a part of everything (including you and me), and that in this holographic universe in which we live (I have to research holographs a little more) “the whole is contained in the part.” In other words, if you examined a piece of a particle within the universe you’d notice that the same patterns within the smaller particle also exist within larger particles. There is no “division.” In my mind this is a very important suggestion. For now, I’ll just say that it suggests that we are all more connected to one another than we think we are, and an awareness of this connection may be very important for our existence.

Let’s Do Better. 🙂


K. Nola Mokeyane


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3 responses to “This week’s musings: Quantum Mechanics and Consciousness

  1. If only half of the people in this world were truly conscious of what they said, watched, did, thought, and believed we would be in a much better state of living. We need to all take the time to be more aware of what it is that we are doing to ourselves and to those around us on a minutely (yes I just made that up) basis. Kind of like an outer body experience so that we can correct our mistakes quicker and more humbly. Peace

  2. Great post Nola! I mean it on a Quantum level………..;-)

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